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Culture wars? What culture wars? We are individuals united in a common belief that if companies are brave enough to face the uncertainty of change head on, they will emerge with messaging and branding strong enough to overcome it. Our job is to help you find your words and tell your story.

Meet (some of) the folks.

How have you seen the company change?

The technical people here talk and I have no idea what they’re saying. I still get asked how we did this, and I say “you hire the young guys, and you do things you don’t like—like listen to them.”

Jerry Dreo

Chief Business Optimist

What brought you to More Vang?

My uncle had a small printing shop in Tysons Corner. I started working with him when I came to the USA in 1999. He sent me to school to learn English and taught me everything about printing. So then I started here as a press operator in 2003 and eventually moved to the digital department.

Edmundo Ortiz

Digital Print Supervisor

What's your favorite part about working at More Vang?

Dogs. And probably the dogs too. Or the ability to disrupt, whether that’s creatively or otherwise. To me, disruption is about making people a bit uncomfortable—enough to make them want more. And did I mention the dogs?

Chris Morrison

Senior Art Director

Do you have a favorite memory of working here?

Our team did a letterpress workshop with Baltimore Print Studios, which was really cool. We learned to set type and make prints—just nice to do something creative outside of the everyday.

Amber Breeden

Director of Creative Strategy

Where do you see the future of More Vang?

I see us continuing to expand our automated platform services, because I see firsthand how it can effectively streamline a very customized process—from stationery to signage—our clients love it! Still, our real secret sauce is our versatility, creativity and aptitude.

Brian Morgan

Wide Format Manager

Do you have a favorite memory of working here?

My favorite memory might be the late nights I spend coding, when I look at the clock and realize, “Oops, it’s 9:30 pm. I probably should have eaten dinner.”

Frank Strube

Vice President of Technology

What's your favorite part about working at More Vang?

I think a big part of it is the people. Even though I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, the people and the culture make it a fun place to work, but also a place where I’m always learning.

Kirsten Nedrud

Engineer, Web Development

What brought you to More Vang?

The Beltway.

Roy Davimes

Senior Copywriter

Where do you see the future of More Vang?

As far as Jon can take it. Even when I first met him, he didn’t speak like he was in printing. He was already talking about where he was going to take the company and what he was going to do, and everything he said back then has transpired.

Ray Carroll

Offset Press Supervisor

What's your favorite recent project you've worked on?

The Economic Architecture Project was the most rewarding; I see the world differently after working with them. The project was to brand an idea, not a product or service. And our first job was to understand the idea of Economic Architecture.

Jon Budington

President & CEO