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Case Studies

Take a look at the case studies below. They’re all completely different. And yet each was totally successful. When you ask the right questions, understand exactly what’s needed, and approach everything with creativity and optimism, that’s what happens.

New Balance Custom Kits

Packaging / Social Influence Campaign

Social media has given rise to a whole new class of marketers—influencers—young, appealing, and followed by thousands, if not millions. In a celebrity-obsessed culture, they’re the new superstars. If you want to get the word out about, say, some new products you’re introducing, it pays to enlist their support. Read More

Fairfax Square

Experiential / Branded Environment

Real estate marketing is challenging enough even when the space you’re selling is fully furnished and packed with highly visible amenities. But when you’re charged with landing tenants for a completely empty building, it’s infinitely more difficult. Unless you can come up with a way to help prospects see what isn’t there. Read More

Economic Architecture Project

Branding / Web Design / Development

Change the structure of global financial markets so that more people are able to lead quality lives without diminishing the potential for investors to make a profit. Sounds like a pretty complex idea, doesn’t it? It is. Extremely, almost incomprehensibly. Which is why our biggest investment in this project, the one that reaped the greatest dividend, was time. Read More

American Access Casualty Company

Data / Technology / Direct Mail

Coordinating online and physical mailings to millions of customers in states that have different rules and regulations is a daunting task. Especially as the company grows and things become increasingly complicated. But when you understand Big Data so well that your team can actually write software to overcome its limitations, it’s not as scary as it seems. Read More

Avison Young

Packaging / Design

the obstacle Avison Young needed to promote their newly renovated office space at Franklin Square to brokers already bombarded with an endless stream of ads, flyers and other marketing materials. The piece had to cut through the clutter and be noticed by a group of people whose attention is under almost constant assault. the opportunity […] Read More

VHC Physician Group

Strategy / Search Engine Marketing

With medical information freely available on the Internet, Search Engine Marketing is becoming increasingly important to prospective patients who go online to learn about healthcare options and procedures. Which makes website content and user experience equally crucial. Read More